Beneficiaries (mentioned in a Will)

I may have contacted you because you are mentioned in a Will and the Executor(s) have been unable to locate you. 

I will ask you a few questions to confirm whether you are the correct person.

If you are the correct person I will then pass on your details to the Executor.


Beneficiaries (intestate cases)

To give you peace of mind of why I have contacted you and information about the process of claiming from an intestate Estate.


Why I have contacted you

I may have contacted you because I believe you could be a potential beneficiary to a deceased who has died intestate (died without leaving a Will), or I may have contacted you to help me with my investigation in locating beneficiaries to an Estate.

Potential Beneficiary

To confirm whether you are a potential beneficiary I will ask you questions about yourself and the deceased, such as names of your descendants, dates of births, marriages and deaths.


Contract Agreement and Claim


If you are a potential beneficiary and you wish to proceed with your claim on the Estate of the deceased, I can send you a Contract to sign. You will be signing for me to work on your behalf in submitting a claim to the authority who holds the Estate. The claim will show the lineage between the deceased and yourself using relevant birth, marriage and death certificates. I will ask you to provide two forms of proof of identity.


Administration of Estate

Once the claim has been accepted, the beneficiaries appoint someone to deal with the administration of the Estate. The appointed personal representative can be a beneficiary, Solicitor, or I am able to assist with the administration. Whoever is appointed has the responsibility of collecting the assets, obtaining a Letter of Administration if required, paying any debts/liabilities owed from the Estate and distributing to all known beneficiaries.

Time Scale

Due to the nature of the process it is difficult to predict a time for completion. An estimated guide from submitting a claim to distribution can take 6-12 months. The time period depends how long the claim takes to be accepted and whether unforeseen eventualities occur during the administration period.



Tarka Probate Research takes a finders commission from your net share of the Estate. The commission will be paid from the Estate of the deceased after all liabilities/costs have been paid and before distribution to the beneficiaries. On the rare occasions the Estate could become insolvent you will not have to pay any commission. The risk is all with me.

How much is the Estate

Unfortunately I am unable to tell you the amount of the Estate as this information is not disclosed until after a claim has been accepted by the Government. The minimum amount of an Estate that can be referred to the Government is £500.


Missing Beneficiary Insurance (MBI)

I can obtain Missing Beneficiary Insurance. MBI provides protection to the Executor, administrator and beneficiaries of any later claim to an Estate from unknown or missing beneficiaries after distribution. Missing Beneficiary Insurance can be an expense from the administration of the  Estate.

If you have lost contact with a family member I have found and you wish to contact them, please send me your written consent and I will pass on your details to them.