About Probate Research


There are many people who never get around to making a Will, or if they do make a Will, the beneficiaries who are mentioned may have moved and are unknown to the Executors. If a deceased person has left a Will or not, I can help with the difficult and time consuming task of locating the rightful heirs.

A Will is found: The process is generally straight forward. Once the probate court is satisfied with the validity of the Will, the executor is able to carry out the wishes of the deceased and distribute the Estate. However, some difficulties may occur in locating beneficiaries. This can happen due to people losing touch. 

There is no Will: When a person dies intestate (without leaving a Will) their Estate can be held by the Government, Solicitors or another authority until a rightful claim has been made. Probate law determines who benefits from an Estate. 

I investigate the family lineage of a deceased person to firstly determine who is legally eligible to have a share of the deceased's assets. Resources I use are birth, marriage and death records, census records and I use a range of database resources to locate people's current location. Once the beneficiaries have been located, I ask each beneficiary to sign a Contract Agreement with Tarka Probate Research to work on their behalf in submitting a claim on the Estate of the deceased.

The Probate Research Service includes:

Extensive research using data from records to establish the next of kin or distant relatives of the deceased.


Obtaining copies of certificates and documentation to identify and verify beneficiaries.

Locating and contacting beneficiaries.

Contacting other family members to help in my investigation.

Collating all documents to submit a claim on behalf of the beneficiaries.

I am able to deal with the administration of the Estate by request from the beneficiaries.

People who Tarka Probate Research can help:  

Beneficiaries to an Estate   

Solicitors and Trustees of a Will