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Genealogy Services - Probate and Family History

Welcome to Tarka Probate Research


For many years I have been finding out about my own family history and have helped friends create their own interesting biographical stories.

Using my genealogy expertise I provide professional genealogy services. I cover both probate research and family history research. 

"Remember me in the family tree; my name, my days, my strife. Then I'll ride upon the wings of time and live an endless life" - Linda Goetsch

Probate Research



I identify and trace missing or unknown beneficiaries who are legally entitled to all, or a share of, the assets from an Estate. This can be people who are either mentioned in a Will, or are entitled according to intestate laws when there is no Will.

I have successfully completed a number of Unclaimed Estates and distributed to beneficiaries living in France, Canada, USA and South Africa.

Further Information for beneficiaries

Family History Research



If you would like to give someone a gift to treasure or are interested in finding out about your own ancestors, I offer 3 fixed price family history packages or carry out bespoke research on request.

One Surname Package

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Two Surname Package

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Pedigree Package


Bespoke Research Requests

starts for as little as £50

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